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When you work in mining, power generation, mineral processing or any other industry that requires the use of centrifugal slurry pumps, Schurco becomes a familiar name. Schurco Slurry pumps set the standard worldwide for slurry pumping and working with abrasive materials processing, as they manage to take on impressive loads with powerful flow rates.

Schurco Slurry is a proud American manufacturer of high-quality, heavy-duty slurry pumps and parts, and at Crushing Equipment Solutions™, that is exactly what we look for in a partner. We're honored to be Schurco's trusted distributor throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

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Schurco Slurry Pumps for Sale

Schurco Slurry's line of rugged, heavy-duty slurry pumps offers enhanced durability while minimizing operational costs. Our comprehensive selection includes models from each of these series, as well as a catalog of parts to repair and improve your existing equipment:

S Series:

This heavy-duty slurry pump manages a flow rate of up to 22,000 GPM and customization options for part materials and seal arrangements.

L Series:

Split outer casings and high-efficiency impellers give the L series a high flow rate of 30,000 GPM.

U Series Unlined:

The U series is a compact version offering the best parts of the S series and the L series. It's designed for application on an existing lined slurry pump.

H Series High-Head:

The H series offers the most rugged setup through extensive exterior ribbing and wet end parts.

Z Series:

This specialty heavy-duty pump is best used in dredging and gravel-related operations. It's robust enough to withstand large particles and aggressive slurries.

V Series:

The V series pumps are vertical for applications as sump pumps and other submerged pumping operations.

P Series Dewatering:

This impressive chrome-iron pump model can reach heads 50% higher than any other slurry pump available, reaching and potentially exceeding 420 feet. It performs particularly well in mine dewatering and other operations involving light slurry and dirty water.


Why Shop Schurco at Crushing Equipment Solutions™?

Schurco Slurry is proud to be one of the few remaining slurry pump manufacturers that work in the United States and distribute worldwide. With this commitment to being American-made comes a dedication to quality and performance, which Schurco delivers with every heavy-duty slurry pump.

Crushing Equipment Solutions™ is proud to work with an American-owned team that puts results first. Our team has always made it our mission to work only with the leader manufacturers, allowing us to deliver the highest-quality equipment that can last for a lifetime. A quick look at Schurco Slurry's results was all we needed to see to know that their products fit our guidelines perfectly. With Schurco equipment among our offerings, we solidify our role as your one-stop-shop for heavy-duty equipment and parts sales, rentals and service.

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