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Screening equipment separates materials by grade, reducing raw materials to finer products. Crushing equipment reduces materials to smaller pieces. These types of equipment are essential for a variety of industries.

Crushing Equipment Solutions™ has a wide selection of crushing and screening equipment suitable for various uses. No matter your industry, we have a solution to help your team get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

The industries we serve include:



Quarrying processes stones, rock aggregates and rocks to retrieve valuable ores and metals. Screeners and crushers are important for quarries throughout processing. The raw material is harvested from the ground, passed through the crusher and sent through a screener to prepare the material for selling.



The aggregate industry passes materials through a crusher then uses a screener to sort them by size. The screen catches stones and larger materials while letting sand and dirt particles pass through. You can use multiple screens to sort aggregates of many sizes in one pass.



The construction industry uses screening and crushing units to manage on-site waste. Crushed and screened materials cost less to transport and decrease the environmental impact and demand for natural resources.



Companies that process demolition waste can use screening equipment to process and dispose of waste and prevent it from going into the landfill. Screeners sort demolition waste like metals, cardboard, concrete, plastics, wood, asphalt and drywall.


Waste Management

Waste management companies use screeners to separate different types of waste materials, such as metal, wood and concrete. Sorting waste makes it easier to recycle, reducing reliance on landfill disposal.



Mining is one of the most popular uses for crushing and screening equipment. Crushers make mining operations easier — they break down rocks to find pieces of valuable ore and streamline waste processing.



The recycling industry is one of the biggest users of crushing equipment. Recycling plants use screening equipment to separate trash, compost and recyclables. The industry also uses crushing equipment to grind waste to make new materials.


Mineral Processing

Separate processed ore by sizes or grades using screening products, and crush materials for processing using the appropriate equipment.


Civil Engineering

Crushing equipment helps process aggregates for building roads or producing concrete or processing demolished infrastructure. Remediation projects benefit from screening equipment, where engineers need to separate contaminants from soil.


Road Building

Crushing equipment can grind big materials into small rocks and gravel to build new roads.



Workers in agriculture use crushing equipment to break down waste for composting or prepare feed for livestock. Screening equipment helps farmers separate seed for planting, removing impurities, and prepare soil.


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