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Equipment for the Civil Engineering Industry

In jobs that need extensive use of aggregate materials, you will need systems that work together to process the raw materials into usable forms. Partner with Crushing Equipment Solutions™ — we offer a complete line of crushing and screening equipment for civil engineering tasks. Some of our top-quality brands include:

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Crushing Equipment for Civil Engineering

Civil engineering projects need aggregates of certain sizes. Crushers can break down or grind pieces of rock and concrete into the ideal proportions for construction activity, such as road building, foundation work or concrete production. To save on costs or to adhere to sustainability requirements, civil engineering construction can use recycled materials. These materials will need to be broken down using equipment such as:

  • Jaw crushers: Jaw crushers or compression crushers usually work with larger rocks and concrete. Once they are broken down, they can be moved on the conveyor buildings to the next crushing phase.
  • Cone crushers: This type also uses compression, like the jaw crusher, but they are usually used for the second or third stage. They usually use a rotation speed and a larger swing angle to break down the material into smaller proportions.
  • Gyratory crushers: The gyratory crusher can also be used instead of the jaw crusher, depending on the type of materials. They are equipped with a bowl liner, an oscillating staff and an internal mantle. They also have a hydraulic setting adjustment system, and you can easily regulate graduation.

Screening Equipment for the Civil Engineering Industry

Screening is part of the civil engineering equipment that you will need to separate the crushed materials into different sizes. You can also remove unwanted materials and fine particles during the screening process, which adds to the quality of the end product.

There are also options for dewatering and spraying, which allows you to clean further by blasting off dirt, mud and debris before moving to the next production stage.

Asphalt Batch Plants

You can create the perfect, temperature-controlled mix of concrete and other mixes with an asphalt batch plant. They have a high capacity to produce quality asphalt mixtures that meet the most stringent engineering standards and requirements. You can control the proportions and product rate, as well as different types of asphalt mixes for various applications.

Civil Engineering

Why Choose Crushing Equipment Solutions™?

We are proud to partner with high-quality, well-known brands in the crushing and screening industry to ensure that your operations are high-quality and cost-effective. We have a mix of rock rushing, screen, conveyor, plants and even custom portable options for you.

With over 40 years in the business, our highly skilled team can give guidance on the different products you will need. We value customer service and believe in our values of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity and communication.

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