Crushing and Screening Equipment for Demolition

A lot more goes into demo than simply bringing the infrastructure down. You need to sort out all the rubble and concrete afterward, which is where we come in. We provide a range of automated material handling systems to sort the material and a selection of crushing jaws to reduce it. Choose from impact crushers, roll crushers, cone crushers and more with us.

Crushing Equipment Solutions™ has the high-grade equipment for the demolition industry you need. Partner with us to have all the big brands available for your project.

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Crushing Equipment for the Demolition Phase

Use our solutions to crush and process concrete, asphalt and all your other construction materials. We stock equipment for the demolition industry to facilitate debris removal and enable you to recycle on the job. Our equipment increases efficiency, reducing the material down to sizes for minimal energy consumption. We have options for both hard rock and soft demolition waste.

  • Wet processing solutions: Minimize dust and noise while handling demolition waste. We have options for wet demolition equipment to use water as a dampener on materials before they enter the crusher. This will reduce airborne particles and clean the aggregate surfaces from clay and contamination. Ask about our scrubbing options to remove building residues and other materials.
  • Dry crushing: If you have concrete, brick or natural stone and just need a jaw crusher or impact crusher, we have got you covered. Dry screening allows for the separation of materials based on size and type without the use of water.

Be Sustainable With Crushing Equipment Solutions™

By utilizing our demolition equipment, you can recycle materials and use them for other construction projects, contributing toward sustainability. It reduces the amount of materials that need to be sent to landfills, which minimizes our impact on the environment.

There are several benefits when you choose to work with Crushing Equipment Solutions™, one of them being that we live by our core values. Brands we work with provide end-to-end solutions that help improve energy and water efficiency. We want to help promote productivity while reducing the risks to the environment. We are constantly bringing in the newest technology and equipment to reach these goals.


Why Choose Crushing Equipment Solutions™?

You need a partner who can provide solutions for demolition and waste management. As a local supplier to Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas in the Southwest, we know the industry and the region's personal needs. With over 40 years in the industry, we have supplied it all, including crushing and screening equipment for demolition needs. We have been in the business for so long because we offer our clients:

  • Reliable equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Personalized relationships
  • Guidance on product selection
  • A full range of equipment with all the big brands you need on-site


Reach out for More Information About Our Demolition Equipment

Contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your personal projects and work out the best crushing and screening equipment for your demolition tasks.

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