Need Recycling Equipment for Your Project?

Recycling your materials helps manage waste on-site. You'll need sorting, screening and crushing machinery to manage large loads. Our high-end machines are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings depending on the material that needs to be processed.

  • Sorting equipment: You'll need conveyor belts and separators to move the waste material from one area to another and organize what needs to go where.
  • Screening equipment: We have different types of screening equipment that can separate materials by size. Screening material is particularly useful with aggregates or with organic and soil waste.
  • Crushing equipment: Jaw crushers use two plates, usually for concrete and rock. Impact crushers can handle your plastics and glass by using a high-speed rotor. The cone crusher rotates inside a metal casing, grinding materials like minerals and aggregates down into a smaller size.
  • Washing equipment: Our team can advise about sorting systems with washing capabilities and equipment that removes dirt, clay and other impurities. The end result is a product that has less contamination, making it better for use in construction.

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Recycling for Construction Sites

Waste materials at construction sites usually come mostly from the demolition phase, but there is always a bit of waste management needed at each stage. You'll be working with materials like concrete, asphalt, bricks and metals, so ensure you have the right type of crushing and screening equipment for recycling them. These materials are usually sorted, cleaned and then reused for roads and other infrastructures.

Quarries and Mines Recycling

The quarry industry is no stranger to the processes of sorting and crushing. While most of these focus on the product, there are times when there is waste material involved that needs to be sorted for recycling purposes. Crushing and screening equipment is then used for processing rock and mineral that is recycled into construction projects.

Recycling Facilities

Dedicated recycling facilities have to handle all types of materials, including solid waste, plastics, paper and metals. Sorting and screening materials need to be used to move the items into their respective piles to be processed. Waste materials like electronics, glass and construction debris can all go through different types of crushers to reduce them down into smaller sizes. Some can be processed and reused again, like glass. Others must be processed further before they officially reach their end-of-life stage.

Recycling Equipment for Aggregate Suppliers

Aggregate suppliers use recycled materials to produce and supplement their projects. It can significantly reduce the environmental impact and reliance on quarrying and mining materials. It is an alternative to natural aggregates, which can help conserve natural resources.

There is also a cost-saving element, as reusing material already available from other projects and demolitions is easier than mining and processing. Using recycled aggregates can also aid construction projects to meet sustainability requirements.


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