Mineral Processing


Mineral Processing Equipment

The mineral processing sector is part of the overall mining industry. This area deals with the processing and extracting of valuable minerals from ores. To ensure purity and precise separation, the equipment needs to be high-quality. There are three main stages of the process:

  • Comminution: The first stage deals mostly with size reduction.
  • Concentration: Here, you have to separate the valuable materials out.
  • Dewatering: The last stage is straightforward and deals with removing water and moisture.

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Crushing and Screening Equipment for Mineral Processing

During the comminution phase, top-of-the-line equipment for the mineral processing industry is needed to reduce the size of the ore. With more than four decades under our belts, Crushing Equipment Solutions™ offers you the mineral processing equipment you need to get the job done and get it done well.

  • Jaw crushers: The first step will be to initially break down the large ores prices into smaller manageable sizes. The two hard-faced, heavy plates easily handle the job by compressing the material. The crusher can be used for hard, abrasive rocks but is also ideal for softer minerals.
  • Cone crushers: Once you have the ore down into a manageable size, the next step is to pass it through a cone crusher. The cone crushers work by using compressive force to crush the material between a gyrating spindle and a hopper. The output size is determined by the gap between the mantle or the cone and the concave liners. The cone crusher allows for a general grinding rather than a pressure force of breaking.
  • Conveying: If you are moving minerals, aggregates or any type of material from one part of the process to the other, you will need a conveyor. At Crushing Equipment Solutions™, we carry all the top brands for conveying and material handling systems. We also have portable chassis and module systems if you need to quickly deploy and tear down.
  • Screening equipment: After the minerals have been ground down to size and are on the move, you will need to separate them and classify them on size and shape. This process happens right at the beginning of production and again at the end for quality and cleaning.

Mineral Processing

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To separate yourself from your competitors, you need to refine and manage your products with high-quality products. With our solutions, you'll benefit from our premium equipment to reach those objectives. We ensure by partnering with us, you have access to:

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